CompTIA Partner Summit 2017

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I just finished three days of training and conference in Austin for the CompTIA Partner Summit. Had a great experience and an opportunity to see where the CompTIA certifications are heading in the future.

Quick take aways: CompTIA has been listening and it appears that they have re-evaluated where the Network+ and Security+ certificates sit. By that I mean that it would appear that they are rearranging what is in the domains and how they stack up with the Bloom's Taxonomy. I would imagine, though I don't know for sure, that the certifications will get a bit easier to pass. Naturally, we will have to wait until the new Security+ (501) gets released in October to find out how things stack up compared to 401.

Some companies have already finished their 501 course materials but it seems that most will launch after the initial release date for the exam. That is something that has always concerned me, to be honest. If you release the domains and what needs to be known within those domains before the exam, why can't there be a large number of book releases that either pre-date the exam or coincide with the exam release? Might be a good thing to bring up with our partners.

As you can imagine, there was a lot of discussion about cyber-everything at the conference. In fact, the business side seminars focused on cyber-security, the lunch presentation on the second day was by a former FBI investigator that focused on espionage (as it relates, wait for it, to cyber-security), and even my boss is getting worried about cyber-security. Don't get me wrong, it is a good thing to have non-IT people concerned with IT security but it reminds me of how much work we have to do to educate everyone on the importance of proper cyber-hygene and to not overreact to areas of security that we haven't been able to fix yet (such as bluetooth).

It was really fun hanging out, learning some great stuff, and seeing what is on the horizon, both from CompTIA and their partners. I was able to hang out after hours the first night with the ITPro.tv guys (I am the proud owner of a Keep Austin Weird tie-dye t-shirt from them) and some CompTIA execs. I was also able to attend a class that Mark Ciampa, a professor and Security+ author, put on for us instructors and was able to learn a lot from him and the other students that attended his class.

Overall, a lot of fun and a lot of information. Can't wait to see what the future holds.

*Funny story...yesterday Mike Myers walked by me, stopped, and asked me for some help. Seems someone put his hat on the top of his booth and he needed someone a little bit taller than him to grab it for him. Sometimes being over 6 feet tall is important(ish).
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