How to cnnect one port to multiple devices?

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I'm studying from Lammle book on routing and switching. The setup in the picture is in the book. how can I connect one port of a device to more than one device (as in the figure), and how can I connect two hosts to the same port on a switch or router? I don't know what simulator the book is using, but I'm using Cisco Packet Tracer. Another question: how using serial connection is different from the Ethernet connection?20668128_813333548824561_1807942123_n.png?oh=db3c55f9c6b9a4033a803166be7a627e&oe=5988DF21


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    Each router/switch will have a port labeled the same way

    That is the physical port on the device so each device will have a port labeled as F0/0, I don't believe you are connecting multiple cables into the same port etc..

    Also the actual connection coming out of router C via fa0/0 and fa0/1 will not be one single cable that connects multiple devices together. That way of doing things is considered (legacy) The way this is truly done in the world is via some type of mpls, vpls, or evpl tunnel which will connect each device to each other "virtually" The devices don't need to all connect together as you see in the diagram via a single cable, they will most likely connect to each other via some type of device like a ciena switch which is forming some type of tunnel where each router will see each other....

    To keep it short, you can't connect two L2/3 devices to the same physical port.
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    All of the devices are routers. These routers would be connected to a switch. Router A, B and Fa0/0 of Router C would be connected to one switch while Router D, Router E and Fa0/1 of Router C would be connected to another switch. The diagram probably leaves the switches out to simplify the drawing.

    In the early days of networking they did use coaxial cables and computers would tap into the main coaxial cable using vampire taps.
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    Serial connections would be used for WANs.

    Ethernet is used to connect devices
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