Passed CISM in May 2017 (Are they still doing the Top %)

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Simple question.

Has anyone else that passed the CISM exam this year, received word on if they were in the 5th - 10th - 20th percentile? I didn't do as well as I hoped, passing with a 536, but I noticed some others passing with a 606 like jojocal19 on the forums, and was wondering if you have heard anything.

I am taking the ISSMP next week, and hoping that all of the information that I read about in the forum post is true. I am reviewing the ISACA QAE DB, once again, this time for the ISSMP.


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    not possible at the time of exam but may be they can do it after full 2 month exam cycle for all top scorers but have not listed any such thing till now
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    I think it's a no.... I have not heard of anything for my CISM exam with 683. Checking from the other posts I should be comfortably be placed in Top %. But I'm not sure whether it is because of the location ( I took my exam in Hong Kong) - I was having 639 for CISA before (paper based) and I am not within the top 20%.
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