Passed Network+

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Passed the Network+ a few days ago with a 735 and wanted to give anyone about to take it some advice. Make sure you study and give yourself time it’s not easy.

I got the CompTIA Certmaster package deal. Well it was worth it for the retake but Certmaster was nothing like the test. Hands down would say don’t get it but the retake makes it worth it.

Mike Meyers Network+ All-In-One it’s a good book and cheap.

Professor Messer is always nice to watch or listen to on the way to work.

Darril Gibson App was nice his practice tests are much easier than the real deal. I was doing 90s on it. Loved his flashcards, and plan on getting his Security+ App also.

I was able to get TestOut Networking Pro and tried it out. It wasn’t that bad. If they would make the price for the “average Joe” better I could see more using this for CompTIA test.

I used any practice test from textbooks I could get a hold of just before I went. Again take your time and study up on in. Depending on the person and what you do but I would have to recommend 3 months maybe more is fair. It’s a lot of information and not joking some of the things you would think is on it wasn’t for me. The simulations are not really hard. I find them harder to understand what they really want than to do them. CompTIA needs to work on their simulations more.


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