Passed ITIL SO - whats next?

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Passed ITIL SO - whats next?icon_arrow.gif

I want something that is less challenging .


  • scaredoftestsscaredoftests Security +, ITIL Foundation, MPT, EPO, ACAS, HTL behind youMod Posts: 2,781 Mod
    What do you want to pursue?
    Never let your fear decide your fate....
  • lulukluluk Registered Users Posts: 4 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Something on the intermediate Life cycle Modules . I am in the service desk department and i want to grow.
  • Claire AgutterClaire Agutter Member Posts: 772 ■■■■■■■□□□
    Hi luluk

    You can choose other ITIL intermediates based on the area you wish to work in future (for example if you would like to work in change management, choose Service Transition or RCV). Alternatively, there are lots of other IT management practices you can study as part of your personal development like DevOps, Agile, SIAM, Lean etc.

    It can be useful to study some job boards and see what employers want in terms of certification for the type of job you'd like in future. Congrats on passing SO!

  • lulukluluk Registered Users Posts: 4 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thank you Claire,

    To be honest i am not sure what i want to do i am aiming for expert but with the minimum experience i have in service management , i want to slowly work myself up so am not sure which module to take next as SO proved more at home for me . I was thinking of taking SD by i hear there is too much content, SS seems too deep . I was also looking at mixing with capability eg Service Offerings and Agreements.

    Please help
  • Claire AgutterClaire Agutter Member Posts: 772 ■■■■■■■□□□
    Hi luluk, could I ask if there is a reason you're aiming for expert? Service Transition/RCV is an interesting area to tackle, but I'm a bit of a change management geek icon_smile.gif
  • ItsmHarunItsmHarun Member Posts: 178
    congrats..... luluk
    best luck for your bright future
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