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Hi guys,

I just renewed my CCNA, and wanted to go for the JNCIA so I can familiarise myself with junOS and get another cert whilst I'm at it. I asked my company and they've said it costs about £1250 for all the training materials.

Given I usually go with:

Official Cert Guide
Boson Practice Exams
Reading Cisco docs and forums

This was an unexpected answer. Surely it can't cost that much to get this cert? That's only for the 'course'! Reason I want an already informed answer is because my boss is going to ask permission from the board tomorrow, what do you actually need to pass this exam?

Thanks in advance!


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    Hey there. Back in the day Juniper was quite open with people getting their JNCIA and the materials were free:

    I also learnt from those PDFs, but I don't have them anymore unfortunately. From what I see on their website, they want to keep it free with JNCIA:

    [FONT=&quot]Juniper Open Learning is a new, free certification preparation program to help those with networking experience become skilled on the Junos operating system and Juniper Networks technologies.[/FONT]
    Juniper Open Learning will launch in the third quarter of 2017 and initially focus on the JNCIA-Junos certification.

    Maybe you should wait until they open this new program or try to find those PDFs and see if the chapters still cover these topics:

    I would also recommend try out their mobile app, JunOS Genius. They have relevant questions that cover all topics for JNCIA and JNCIS-SEC/ENT/SP

    Finally, maybe you should also check the official Juniper forums and ask them about a study guide.
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    The Juniper training and cert market is completely different than Cisco's. Juniper used to have the Fast Track program, which provided free course material, a short practice test, and discount voucher for the JNCIA and all JNCIS certs. This is being revised, but no announcement has been made when it will be back.

    You could try Juniper Open Learning (Network Certification Program - Fast Track - Juniper Networks), which is a blended class for JNCIA and also free. It says it will launch later this year, not sure when.

    The standard for self-study is Junos Enterprise Routing and Junos Enterprise Switching, from O'Reilly books. They are way more than needed for JNCIA, and might actually lead you in the wrong direction for that test.

    I believe there may be JNCIA courses on places like Udemy or CBTNuggets, but I don't know anything about them.

    The official Juniper coursework is the only other material available, and it's the same as used in the official training classes. They recently switched to electronic format for this, so it could be the price you mentioned - I'm not sure if your company was looking at just the coursework or a class.

    But that's pretty much the entire market for Juniper training material. There isn't a Cisco Press-like organization that puts out books at all levels, tons of training classes, or any of the related materials. Look at the Juniper training page (Training), you may get some value out of some of their Day One books, and hopefully the Fast Track guides will be back soon.
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    VeritiesVerities Member Posts: 1,162
    Juniper has a free study guide for the JNCIA:


    Found this when I was looking for resources for Juniper equipment.
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