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    Update 4/18/2018:

    Since my last posting of an update I have had a total of 5 interviews. All of which returned an email, not a call, saying that I did not get the job within 18 hours of the interview.

    Spoke with a WGU career person yesterday (4/17/201icon_cool.gif about everything that has happened over the last 2-3 years of searching for an IT entry level job. His thoughts were that my resume needed some tidying up, but if it was getting me into the door, "something" else was happening. I have given him all the questions I remember that were odd to ask for entry-level. We did discuss my answers in a mock-interview and he came to the conclusion that it may be the way I am wording certain answers to certain questions and I should just keep the answers fairly simplistic.

    "What enterprise experience do you have with Active Directory?"
    "What enterprise experience do you have with Citrix?"

    Mind you these were asked of my late Feb 2018 in an interview for an "internship" for a local hospital.

    My question, and hopefully someone here can answer, Why would you ask such questions during an interview for an Internship knowing the person probably has zero experience other than educational/simulated environment?

    Yeah that does seems pretty harsh to ask for that kind of experience for an internship. This seems like a needle in a hay stack.

    It took me 3 years to find my first IT job after finishing school.

    Can you do a volunteer IT job while you're looking?

    Can you ask for feed back after the interview?

    5 Reasons You Should Swallow Your Pride and Ask for Feedback After Getting Rejected

    Are there any in person networking events you can go to were IT people meet up?
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    Have you tried applying to a MSP? A lot of times MSPs are looking for people with limited experience for Tier 1. What about Geek squad or things of that nature? I believe and people here can correct me if I'm wrong, you just need to get started in tech anywhere. From that point you can move up but the hardest part is the first job.

    Edit- Read the whole thread. I know personally everywhere I applied to didn't care about my previous computer experience as I didn't work for anyone. It was just like you doing stuff on my own. If your wanting to get into an enterprise environment your going to need enterprise experience with server and VMs. You might be best at this time to work on setting up a VM/Server test lab to learn how it works. AD, GPO, RDS, DNS, things of that nature.

    Even something as simple as knowing how to reset passwords, add users and security permissions in AD could be all their looking for in that question.
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