GCTI: Taking a brand new certification

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Good Morning Y'all,
I'm currently in FOR578 (Cyber Threat Intelligence) and wanted to know who else was planning on taking the CTI when it comes out in December. I feel like the course will be good preparation for the exam, but I was wondering if anyone had experience taking a brand new cert and any quirks that happen that may not happen on an established cert like some of the other GIAC ones.


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    Seems like a lot of money to shell out ($5,100) for an unproven training and certification. I certainly wouldn't want to be stuck with a GCFW cert, will the GCTI share the same fate as the GCFW? Only time will tell, But I of one will not be wasting my time and money on unproven training and certification, especially at full price. At least offer early adopters a discount.
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    I have taken FOR578, and found it to be a very good course. It is very different from your traditional SANS course, but I found value in it. Some of my coworkers did not enjoy the course, but they are also very early in the career, and I think that lack of experience in some of the topics the course covers played a role. Intel work is generally not something for folks new to the field, as the course expects knowledge in several advanced topics such as memory forensics and malware reversing. While you can still get something out of the course without those, you will definitely be missing out.

    The course has been around for several years, so I wouldn't call the training unproven, but who knows how in demand the cert will be? It could be very valuable, or not so much. I hope to be accepted for the exam's beta period. All alumni of the FOR578 course should have the opportunity to request entry into the beta. I have several coworkers who participated in the GRID beta. Basically, you will be given a small window to take the exam. You will have no idea how you did on the exam, as GIAC is using the beta to pick questions and decide what the passing mark is. Several weeks later, you will receive notification of whether you passed or not.

    Have fun in the course, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

    Edit: The test is free if you are in the beta, so there is an early adopter benefit. The course was also only $4,100 when I took it, though I did get early bird pricing for registering several weeks in advance.
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    cyberguyprcyberguypr Mod Posts: 6,928 Mod
    I recently attended TI training from another vendor and quickly realized how much I hate this area. It's a no for me.
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