What book should i buy for server+

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Sup people. Time has passed since my last post. Jejej. Next week im going to present my a+ hardware test and maybe the software part too in the same week. But, my real question is , what book should i buy for sever+ any ideas? or, should i study for server+ , any suggestion will be apreciated :)

Thanks god i have a keyboard and a mouse


  • Gabe7055Gabe7055 Member Posts: 158
    Good question, I can never find one that is in supply. The past two times I tired to order a server+ book from amazon my order eventually got canceled because they were out of stock.

    Exam Cram 2 seems to be well in stock so that is the one I am going to try and purchase next.
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    NerdBooks usually have some good deals on Server+ books, but they to are out of stock, with the exception of two books (they usually have more). Though out of date, they are good deals and very useful information... Check 'em out: http://www.nerdbooks.com/booklist.php?section=387

    I would also mention that books on I-Net are usually hard to find left in stock. Though NerdBooks carries a few of those as well. I have the top book on this page: http://www.nerdbooks.com/booklist.php?section=388

    Once again, they usually carry more, but those two certifications are hard to find in-stock material for...

    - Joey
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    thanks for the help. i will look for those books!
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    I currently hold the server+ cert, and the book i would advise you to buy, is deffinetly the exam-cram2 server+ book.

    NOTE: There's many server+ books out there, but watch out for the new 2005 objectives, because most books are outdated.
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