Packet Tracer Topology Issue....

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IPv6wtf_zpsbpabdlxg.png.html?sort=3&o=0Hey guys I am currently studying for CCNA R&S, and came to this point through the book I am working through where I don't understand how to replicate the topology in the books example. I am attaching a screenshot. To this point in the book (14 chapters in), none of the labs have had this 'branch off' type topology before, every connection has going directly to another switch, router, and the occasional hub. Is the book assuming I will stick a switch on each side of Router C to connect A/B and D/E to? The book to this point has been overly explanatory and err'd on the side of assuming you know nothing, so I just don't understand why I am just now seeing this type of topology and how they want me to recreate it to complete the lab. Thanks in advance!


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    Sorry couln't upload the exact example but here is a similar one. In the topology to the left of Router A, how is it that the DNS server and the Client are on the same logical ethernet cable? Am I missing something here? Thanks again dhcp-topology.png
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    Ok thats what I ended up doing it seemed like the only option. Its just that literally the first 14 chapters of the book always put every device in the diagram and then with no warning starting expressing them like that. Thanks!
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    What book are you reading?
    Mr. Odom said at the beginning that lines which cross means there should be a switch. He said that at the beginning of the book.
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    Its by Todd Lammle called CCNA Routing and Switching Complete Study Guide (2nd edition)
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    Todd offers PT labs for those who purchase his books -
    Send a copy of your receipt (screenshot) to, he will send you a bunch of pre-configured labs and lots of other bonus stuff.
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    Awesome thanks Ltat! I thought I remembered the book saying it came with a practice test do you know where I can get that one from? I haven't seen it skimming and scanning through the book yet
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    If you go to the link for your book
    Wiley: CCNA Routing and Switching Complete Study Guide: Exam 100-105, Exam 200-105, Exam 200-125, 2nd Edition - Todd Lammle

    Scroll down a bit to the "Related Websites/Extra" section there is a link to be able to download the test bank and flash cards.

    I also emailed Jim yesterday and had a mail back the same day with all the other bonus content.
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    Awesome thanks so much guys I will go check it out now
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