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Hey guys what do you guys think about me using IT staffing agency to assist with getting me employment with another country like USA or Canada? I know that they are well recognized by companies that would be willing to assist with me getting a work visa. Do you think this is a good idea and what would you recommend?
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    I had one of these companies contact me and they said they'd help me but I had to pay them for their services. If you have someone like this contact you don't walk away, RUN AWAY. They have a financial incentive to NOT find you work since as long as you have money to spend and no job they will get paid to "help" you. There are several companies that get paid by the employers to find people work, these are long lasting companies with an incentive to get people to work. I've dealt with a couple but I don't feel confident in giving recommendations.

    What I can say is that every state has a government office that is there to connect employers to candidates, use them. I'm pretty sure that there are federal agencies that do this too.

    The important point I wanted to make is that the good places won't be asking you for money to find a job. There may be exceptions to this rule but I am not aware of any.
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