GCCC Exam (Additional Resources?)

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I'm scheduled to take my GCCC on Friday; I'm a little concerned after finishing up my last practice exam. I've run into several questions that deal with diagrams or graphs and I haven't been very successful in analyzing the information to determine the answer. I've gone through the course material, annotated pages, make a quick reference index, highlighted sections, did the quizzes, listened to the mp3s, etc.

Are there any additional resources anyone found helpful; I feel as though I just have a gap in some of the Critical Controls that haven't been addressed in either of the 5 books or the included CSC, v 6.1 print out.



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    I recently passed the GCCC. For me; the practice tests were a lot more challenging than the actual exam. All I brought were the 5 books and a basic index of where the individual controls were and any "numbers of interest" associated with the controls. For diagrams or graphs; I agree they can be tricky when it comes to understanding what they are asking for. Simply ask yourself "which metric presented will best answer what is being asked". I'm afraid that is as much as I can give without violating the rules. Understand the concepts of the controls and how they are applied and you will be fine.
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    Could some one provide me with the GCCC index or **** sheet. It would really help for my exam preparation.
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    What’s wrong with your index?
  • samspg18samspg18 Registered Users Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I need some sample Index for GCCC, based on this reference I will create my own index
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    Most indexes are the same: term — page — book — description/details. The best use of your time is creating one with this.

    If you want to get a hold of another index, that sounds like you are shortcutting the process or don’t have the books and what to peek into the content.
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    Took the exam a few weeks ago and barely used the books as I did when I took the GICSP. Not saying you should not have one or take the books, but your experience and knowledge will play a bigger role in this exam (and a bit of guts). Good luck.
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    samspg18 wrote: »
    I need some sample Index for GCCC, based on this reference I will create my own index

    Here is a screenshot of mine from recently taking GCTI, format should be the same...

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