Failed CCNP

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Got a 740 (on Route).
One thing this has brought to light is that the OCG is woefully inadequate for the actual exam. At this point I wonder why do they even call it the "Official" cert guide other than to just lead people on, cause its crap in comparison to the questions on the test.
Most irritated about the money spent. I am not a person whom 300 bucks would be considered chump for me to gamble it again for another attempt even after pulling together information on 5+ different sources is a long shot

Also, anyone whom says this isnt a pure profit venture for Cisco is lying to themselves. The sim tech is straight out of the 90s intuitive-wise, and there cant be much effort put into it. /rant


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    Failing one of these exams is never pleasant..I remember when I failed my CCNP Voice TVOICE exam...last exam out of a 5 exam series..I was sooo close to passing but failed. I was already burnt out from all that studying but the advice I got was something that might also help you as well: take some time off from it to clear your head but not too much, come back to it and try a different study resource to change the pace. Have you considered trying the Boson ROUTE material and practice exams? People seem to really like them; they were fair enough for SWITCH.

    Blow some steam and then back in the saddle!
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    Nobody ever fails.... you just learn what you need to work on. focus on your weak areas and tackle it again.
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