Please help me to make decision into data center field

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The reason why I asked the questions in CCNP level forum is I thought most people here have more experience in data center field more than CCNA forum.

Now I'm an IP engineer who work for one of the biggest telecom vendor in Asia. I support customers about design and implement IP products in the service provider network. Such as core switches and routers. BUT I HAVE SEEN ON THE INTERNET THAT DATA CENTER(+CLOUD) IS TRENDING AND IN-DEMAND FOR NOW plus my latest project I work with log server and some SAN storage. It woke me up my interesting in data center field.

Well, these are my question I need to clear myself before I will make decision to DC field.

1) Actually the people who take the Cisco DC cert. is system engineer/system admin in background or not?
- I'm network engineer. If the answer is yes I concern when I find new job in DC field, it might be hard to get the job although I can pass CCNA DC because I don't have any background in system such as server, storage or VM.

2) From zero to CCNP DC, Can I lab at home without any real equipment?
(Due to I'm a hard-worker for self-studying. If I can't self-study by labbing like RS or SP track. My pros is useless.)

3) Now I'm CCNA RS certified. To increase opportunity to get the DC job, should I go CCNA DC or continue CCNP RS is better?

Thank you everyone in advance for helping me and sorry about my non-native English.


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