eCPPT, eCRE, eNDP for OSCP/OSCE owners

Hi there,

I'm about to register to eLearnSecurity, i'm tempted to get a 4 in the Box in order to get the PTPv4, ARES, PND, WAPTX training's packages.
I guess that i could tackle the eCPPT by taking the exam on my own maybe and considering I might have some knowledge already.

My current dilemma is actually this one, shall I get a "4 in the Box" or an "eCCPT voucher + ARES elite + PND elite" a combo which would be a 1000 $ cheaper but which would also skip one course/cert (WAPTX).. (i'm paying these training's on my own)

I'd be keen also to read some posts maybe about folks that went the OffSec way and then the eLearnSec avenue..



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    I wouldn't recommend just taking the test for eCPPT. eLearnSecurity is not widely recognized, so having the certification won't do much for you. Either take the full course, or skip the cert.
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    Easiest part is paying for the course. Harder part is devoting and then acting on the 200+ hours it will likely take of study & training to go through all four courses.
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    yoba222 wrote: »
    Easiest part is paying for the course. Harder part is devoting and then acting on the 200+ hours it will likely take of study & training to go through all four courses.

    Yes you're right and hence my dilemma because i'm interested in two courses, ARES and PND. But buying these two it's already 2100 $.. And PND sports the Hera Labs, which means practical hands on toward eCPPT if wanted (adding another 400 $ for the exam voucher). Which brings us at 2500 $. 2500 $, which, well, make's me wonder if a 3400 $ bundle might not be a better option thus adding two courses in full..
  • adrenaline19adrenaline19 Member Posts: 251
    How are your web app skills?

    If you have OSCP and OSCE, I'd start looking at the WaptX. The advanced web app pentesting course. It's the one I want to do next.
  • JoJoCal19JoJoCal19 Mod Posts: 2,835 Mod
    If you have the OSCP, I'd skip the PTP course for the eCPPT, and do the ARES, PND, WAPTX, and MASPT.
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    It really depends what you want to learn. You don't need another network pentesting cert, especially because the offensive security ones are more well known than elearnsecurity already. Make sure you're not making yourself buy one of the 4 packs only because they are saying the price is going up, if you really need it, get it, but taking effectively lower level certs doesn't make sense because it's on sale.
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    Kind of agree with Danielm7. But the lower level certs are a great stepping stone and if they're on sale go for a few to start off.

    I really want to take the PND!!! Hopefully I can save up some money and take it.
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