One month before OSCP starts ... shall I do first exam on MCSA?

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I've just signed up for the OSCP course which I've wanted to do for ages and this is self-funded. It starts around mid September when I will have access to the reading material, videos and online labs to practice with.

My work place are not overly supportive of development, however they have agreed to pay for the MCSA exams.

I have read that it's possible to prepare for and pass the first MCSA exam within a month. I can dedicate around 15 hours per week probably so it's a fair amount I believe.

Do you think this is something that is achievable and a good idea to try to do? I'm asking as I've never done any Microsoft certs before so not sure what to expect.
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    Im confused...????

    Are you taking the MCSA or the OSCP or both at the same time??????
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    ITSpectre wrote: »
    Im confused...????

    Are you taking the MCSA or the OSCP or both at the same time??????
    He's saying he's signed up for the OSCP class and it starts in a month. He wants to knock out the first MCSA exam be the time his OSCP class starts.

    That being said, passing the exam in a month would depend on your current knowledge and skillset. The first two exams took me a month each (70-410 and 70-411) because I've worked on the platform for a few years now and I had studied for 2008 R2 version of the exams. If you're just starting out it may take longer to let it all sink in. The exams really want you to lab a lot of the material to know where certain options are in menus.
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