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I am working on prepping for CISSP using the most current versions of Sybex materials (the book & the separate test questions.) What I'm running in to (at domain 6 for the first time - this condition doesn't seem to occur in domains 1-5) is that many of the questions for domain 6 relate to items and concepts that are not discussed in the book at anywhere near the level of depth in the practice question. I've ordered the "All In One" book as an additional resource.

I guess at the end of the day you don't need 100% to pass the test..but it is extremely discouraging to invest a huge amount of time in prepping trusting that the materials are adequate and then find that the bundled materials don't seem to be consistent. Makes me doubt the materials. I really want to believe that domain 6 contains less content so to get 100 practice questions they had to expand the scope a little..and hope that the trend doesn't continue through domains 7 and 8..but that doesn't make much sense. Has anyone else run into this? Any thoughts on if the material in the guide book is sufficient or if the practice questions are more representative of the level of knowledge needed would be very much valued.



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    Don't get discouraged. I used the Sybex book and online practice questions to prepare for the exam. The questions are sufficient even if you think they aren't aligned with the reading material. There will be questions and topics on the exam that you may or may not have reviewed. It's hard to know which questions on the exam count towards your score versus the supplemental polling questions that don't...therefore, it's good to review material that sometimes isn't word for word out of your reading sources. I would also suggest to look into the Eric Conrad 11th hour to read as a refresher during your last week before the exam. Good luck!
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    You should always be using multiple study resources to cover any possible gaps. Don't rely on just one.

    I think the goal of the practice questions is to come at you from all directions to make sure you understand the concepts and not just memorize a few things. Don't overthink it though. This test does not go very deep.
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    What a difference a week makes. The whole process of preparing and juggling a demanding job is manageable, but thats not to say that it won't have its low points. Thanks for the encouragement.
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    If it makes you feel any better, I used several books, several test engines, mostly CCcure, and watched several series of videos (Larry Greenblatt before he started charging was my favorite, he did at least got me in the right mindset), and when I sat down and started taking the exam, a lot the questions were on topics that were not even touched upon in the study materials, many others only vaguely. I remember a recurrent point that you must completely know the ISC2 Code of Ethics or you won't pass, yet I only had three questions relating to them and they all were on a scenario.

    At the end I passed, I read each question and drew upon my experience, my knowledge, and decided on the best answer. How good that was I don't know, other than good enough to pass.

    Believe in yourself, think like a manager when answering questions, and relax. Best of luck!
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