Does ITIL Expert certification make a change?

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I really like ITIL and the way it structures the processes and makes life easier. At the very beggining of my career, when I studied to ITIL Foundation exam, I felt like I am forced to learn something unuseful and I thought passing the Foundation exam is pointless. Then I had to attend the ITIL OSA training and completely fell in love with the topic. Since that time I have attended and passed 2 other ITIL Intermediate certifications, RCV and SOA. I passed all 3 exams passed with 38/40 grade, which I think is quite good (but it doesn't matter) and makes me feel more confident about my knowledge. Now I plan to take ITIL PPO. In the future I would like to learn about COBIT or SixSigma, but for now I want to finish with ITIL.

So I am really passionate about the topic, I love to explain these things to people, I love it when I can I improve things in my environment and suggest improvements to processes. Unfortunately I got stuck in a job disconnected with the topic and it is hard for me to get hired in a dream, ITIL/ITSM related position.

I wonder if the ITIL Expert certificaiton can make a change? Does it make a person more noticeable in the market, or it doesn't matter at all? Is there any chance that after passing the MALC exam I will grab recruiters attention and at least have a chance to present my skills, approach and experience?

I am asking that because I wonder if I should focus on the topic and make the Expert certification on my own, as soon as possible, or maybe - if it doesn't make any change - just wait for an occasion and wait for any company to invest? I know it sounds bad, but the trainigs are not cheap and it is impossible to take an exam without having the training first... I can pay the money, take holidays for the training etc. but if it doesn't make a change there is no point...

Thanks in advance for any answer!


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    Does having the Expert cert make a difference? Yes in some situations, but not in all.

    It depends on whether the hiring manager recognises the certificates significance and understands the sheer amount of effort that goes into achieving it.

    On 2 occasions I secured a contract on the basis that I had the cert and could explain any of the components with clarity and explain them in a way that made sense to the listener.

    These were both Service Delivery roles and are probably the one position the certification is ideally suited to as it covers so many aspects of IT. For roles as senior tech, service desk manager, infrastucture etc, understanding the whole picture is much less relevant (but useful) in my opinion.

    You can get it on the cheap - I paid only a few hundred US$ for my training and the rest was exam fees (about $1k I think) which most employers will happily pay for so long as you are permanent staff - probably not for contractors.
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    ITIL certification doesn’t say that you can actually do anything. It does provide an indicator to a potential employer that the individual with the certification has taken the time to validate a level of knowledge about ITIL and IT service management (ITSM).
    ITIL Certification in Delhi is the first level of certification within ITIL qualification scheme. The Foundation certificate is a stepping-stone for everyone who is interested in learning more about ITIL best practices.
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