Test Day Attire

CyberJosh95CyberJosh95 CISSP, GCIA, CCNA R+S, CASP, Sec+, ITIL FoundationsMember Posts: 53 ■■■□□□□□□□
So, This may be a weird topic but... lol.

What do you guys wear to the test center on test day? Do you dress for comfort? Or do you dress professionally? I can never decide so I always end up dressing professionally.


  • Welly_59Welly_59 Member Posts: 431
    why dress professionally?
  • jamesleecolemanjamesleecoleman Member Posts: 1,899 ■■■■■□□□□□
    ..... What ever makes me comfortable.
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  • Cisco InfernoCisco Inferno Member Posts: 1,034 ■■■■■■□□□□
    flip flops so you can take em off and cross your legs!

    not in FL anymore so that might be looked at funny.

    But seriously, tshirt jeans and sneakers.
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  • EANxEANx Member Posts: 1,078 ■■■■■■■■□□
    Dress for comfort. If it's your first time at a center, bring a light jacket and a pair of ear plugs too.
  • stryder144stryder144 Senior Member Member Posts: 1,684 ■■■■■■■■□□
    Because you know someone was going to say it: "you wear clothes to the testing center!?". I, myself, wear comfortable clothing and know what the environment should be like. When I take a test at a local community college, I wear regular everyday clothes. When I go to a slightly shady looking facility downtown, I wear warmer clothes since they tend to be a bit colder in the center.
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  • cyberguyprcyberguypr Senior Member Mod Posts: 6,917 Mod
    ALWAYS wear a suit... oh wait, wrong thread. Carry on.
  • JoJoCal19JoJoCal19 California Kid Mod Posts: 2,829 Mod
    Always golf shorts and golf shirt for maximum comfort.
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  • joshuamurphy75joshuamurphy75 Senior Member Member Posts: 162 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I'm always casual. I usually drive about 4 hours to get to the test center. Don't want to be uncomfortable during the test.
  • thomas_thomas_ CompTIA N+/S+/L+ CCNA R&S CCNP R&S/Enterprise/Collab Member Posts: 991 ■■■■■■■□□□
    Shorts, t-shirt, zip up hoody, hat, shoes/flip fops depending how I feel, and my lucky underwear. The lucky underwear do get washed after each use.
  • hurricane1091hurricane1091 Member Posts: 918 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Whatever the casual wear the season calls for LOL, can't believe this is even something to think about!
  • Mr.Robot255Mr.Robot255 Member Posts: 196 ■■■□□□□□□□
    yes my A+ i went in a shirt and pants lol

    after that i wear tracksuit bottoms and tshirt and a cap. But had to remove cap for my photograph anyways.
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  • Cisco InfernoCisco Inferno Member Posts: 1,034 ■■■■■■□□□□
    Do a remote proctored test so that you do not have to wear pants
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  • NetworkingStudentNetworkingStudent Member Posts: 1,407 ■■■■■■■■□□
    A T-shirt that says Keep Clam and pass that test, orange crocks, and some military shorts. haha

    I just wear a T-shirt and jean shorts.
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  • dontstopdontstop Member Posts: 579 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Whatever you feel most comfortable wearing or preferably what you wore while you studied.
  • EagerDinosaurEagerDinosaur Member Posts: 114
    I wear simple clothes with as few pockets, folds, and layers as possible. If the temperature allows it, short sleeves rather than long ones.

    There's a lot of variation between test centres, but at some the staff are very paranoid about hidden communication devices, notes, etc, and will want to inspect any places that unauthorised things can be concealed. I try to dress in a way that allays any suspicions and reduces stress all round.

    Judging by the vigilance of staff at one particular test centre I use, I suspect that cheating in some types of exams, possibly driving theory tests, is a frequent occurence.
  • Danielm7Danielm7 Member Posts: 2,306 ■■■■■■■■□□
    Like everyone else, I can't even imagine why you'd consider dressing professionally to go to a test center. Normal / comfortable, jeans, sneakers, tshirt, sweatshirt.
  • Fulcrum45Fulcrum45 Member Posts: 619 ■■■■■□□□□□
    I wear a wool suit. Hotter the weather the heavier the wool. It's important that I have very limited arm movement. I ratchet that tie up to the point my face turns purple and wear the dress shoes that feel like their made of wood.
  • koz24koz24 Member Posts: 766 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Very simple. Whatever first catches my eyes is what I wear, I don't put much thought into it. It's always like 1 guy at the test center who works there and like 5 people taking random tests when I go, so why would I dress up for them?
  • technogoattechnogoat Member Posts: 73 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I go in with a triple layer adult diaper that can handle over 30lbs of soilage

    very power stuff used by the air force for when they do 40+ hour flights

    I filled the diaper about 80% of the capacity while doing my CCNA

    for A+ I didn't need it since I randomly clicked on the questions which were mostly involving password resets on toasters
  • ITSpectreITSpectre Member Posts: 1,040 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I just go commando..... no shirt and underwear with holes in it.... icon_cheers.gif

    Nahh I just wear a t shirt and shorts... in the summer
    In the cold weather I will wear a t shirt and sweatpants
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  • ITSpectreITSpectre Member Posts: 1,040 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Danielm7 wrote: »
    Like everyone else, I can't even imagine why you'd consider dressing professionally to go to a test center. Normal / comfortable, jeans, sneakers, tshirt, sweatshirt.

    You get extra points on your test if you wear a 3 pc suit and have your own pen and paper
    In the darkest hour, there is always a way out - Eve ME3 :cool:
    “The measure of an individual can be difficult to discern by actions alone.” – Thane Krios
  • LordQarlynLordQarlyn Member Posts: 677 ■■■■■■□□□□
    Well at the test center I go to in Dubai, they wouldn't let you in without a tux. icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

    Just kidding of course (but the place is opulent, almost feels like one should be dressed to the nines lol), but I always dress for comfort, I'll take the (very unlikely) chance of meeting a new contact who could open doors for me and I dressed in shorts and a tee shirt, pretty much what I wear outside of work. Exams are stressful enough for me without being distracted by uncomfortable clothes.
  • scaredoftestsscaredoftests Security +, ITIL Foundation, MPT, EPO, ACAS, HTL behind youMod Posts: 2,781 Mod
    I prefer my test tiara.
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  • redsteelredsteel Member Posts: 32 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Men's romper for good luck? icon_cool.gif
  • SteveLavoieSteveLavoie Member Posts: 975 ■■■■■■■■□□
    I am usually business casual, pant, shirt, shoe, not because I feel obliged to them, just because it is convenient for me. Usually I just take half a day off when taking a test.. work in the morning, drive 1.5h to the test center, do the exam, then 1.5h drive to go home.
  • mbarrettmbarrett Member Posts: 397 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I prefer my test tiara.

    best answer
  • jcundiffjcundiff Member Posts: 486 ■■■■□□□□□□
    shorts and tshirt, jeans in colder weather
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  • TechGromitTechGromit GSEC, GCIH, GREM, Ontario, NY Member Posts: 2,044 ■■■■■■■■□□
    Pretty much the same way I dress for work, since I return to work after the exam. Most tests are only 2 hours long, the longest exam I took was 5 hours long, that's the only one I went home afterwards.
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