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Hi All,

I have recently passed my CEH and now wishing to continue to ECSA/LPT.

With ECSA there is online training with videos and courseware but I am not sure whether those will be beneficial for the preparation of the pen test report(first phase). I am not even worried too much about the exam at the moment, just that report.

Anyone who did ECSA or doing it now - what study materials you found useful in order to prepare for the report? Any books out there that anyone found useful?

Thanks in advance


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    That course is fine - showing you all phases for penetration testing and also there are some exercises shown - iLABs.
    I am currently solving those challenges and everyday something new is done - for now 4 from 11 but done by myslef :)
    In my opinion this is regarding practice and learning by doing. You can read a lot of books but those not cover all topics, all vulnerabilities, all tools and what is most important your way of thinking.
    I am at the beginning of the way, I know that a lot of things I still have to learn but those challenges give you possibilities to discover a lot of interesting tools and techniques. For me it is worth, even if I will not pass that part, it still will be a good lesson.
    I wish you good luck and great adventure in pentesting world.

  • den2017nickden2017nick Member Posts: 10 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the insight, cheers
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