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I took the RHCSA exam Friday and passed with a 250/300! I mainly used Sander Van Vugt's video course and cert depot's walk-throughs. My company did send me to the Rapid Track course last week, but I didn't feel like it taught me anything new that Sander's videos didn't. If you are looking to take the test, just be sure that you understand the objectives or at the very least, know how to read the man pages. I started studying for the course about 3 weeks ago with minimal system admin experience (I knew basic linux pretty well because I use it for my job in digital forensics) so it can be done without years of sys admin experience. The hands on labs that sander set up and cert depot are very close to what you see in the exam. If anyone has questions, please ask. NDA allowing, I'm an open book!


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    Can you share some links to the material you used? I'm very interested in pursing my RHCSA in the next year. :)

    Congrats on your pass by the way! Weill you be going for RHCSE?
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    The Sander Van Vugt videos were on It's a paid course, but I have a safaribooks membership. I've been told that his videos are also on Youtube.

    You could honestly pass by using the following site though.

    I don't think I will go for RHCE, it's not required for my job so training and cert would be out of my own pocket. My next course is CISSP and then hopefully GCFA.
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    Hi and congrats....

    I am currently revising theory and trying to practice as much as I can on my virtual lab.....

    Could you let me know the following:

    1) Where are you based? If in the UK, would you recommend me a test centre in London area?
    2) Do you log on to a machine or terminal and then hop on to the exam machine(s)? Via VNC, putty? Are they slow between reboots, etc?
    3) Does the exam consist of 2x VMs (server1 and station1)? Server1 already configured with dns, ntp, repos, openldap, nfs....Then you use station1 for the tasks and to point to the services hosted on server1?

    I would appreciate your reply
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    Nice one dude on the pass great stuff how did you find the whole SElinux thing? I could never get my head around it seems very complicated.
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    Congrats! where do start when you are new to Linux in attaining RHCSA?
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