GSEC for a starting security professional

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Hello everyone,

Apologies if this topic is in the wrong location or should be posted as a reply in one of the stickies; I wasn't sure where to post this so I opted for starting a seperate topic.

I have a question regarding certification, especially regarding the SANS 401 training and the GIAC GSEC certification. About myself: I'm 27 years old residing in The Netherlands. Last year I received my Bachelor in Network & Security Engineering. I'm currently working as a junior Security Analyst for a semi-goverment company.

The last couple of weeks I've been looking into which certifications would help me progress in the InfoSec world. I consider myself to be more an engineer/technical lead and not a manager, and I'd rather be a 'speciailist'. Luckily, my employer is willing to pay for my certifications and training. The only question that remains is which certification I should focus on.

I've set my eyes on the GIAC GSEC certification, which, as far I've read about, should provide me with a good 'basic set' of knowledge where I can build on in the future. One question that keeps popping up in my mind is wether GSEC is not 'too basic' for me. SANS courses are pretty expensive and it would be a shame if I came back from a 5-day course with the feeling that I did not learn alot. I'd then rather spend money on a more 'advanced' course, for which I will have to study harder and probably will learn more. On the other hand, GSEC is already listed as an 'intermediate' course and seeing I don't have alot of work experience yet, it might be a good choice after all. Could anyone advice me on my 'dillema' described above? :)

As in regards why I have not opted for a course like Security+, certifications like these are hardly ever asked in European countries. Especially in The Netherlands.

Thanks in advance,

- Desc.


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