N+ Failed would like advise

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So a llittle back and ive worked in IT for five years manging a small network for a company. I have moderate experience i would say. I handle everything except for when we have major major problems for example one time we had issues with our DNS server becoming corrupt and had to have it remade, one time clients stoped grabbing the group policies (which i maintain but could not fix) and problems with certs and SSL, another example the initial set up of our VMware server that hosts all of our virtual servers was done by an outside company.

i'm at the end of getting my Associates degree in computer networking so I want to be able to add the Net+ Cert. to my resume. The college was actually offering a course for the Net+ using the CompTIA Pearson certification book for the 006 exam. I thought perfect I can take this class study for a little bit after and go for the CERT near the end of the summer.

I passed the class with a good foundation and the two months before today the 21st I studied very hard for this exam I know 85-90% of the book hands down. I memorized everything I saw in fourms telling me to memorize, I know all wiring standards, everything for Wi-Fi, all the encryption standards, routing, protocols and ports, network tools, how vpn works, osi model, ip, Qos, stp, remote security.

And i failed 610 and didn't even have enough time to finish 10 questions not answered.

90minutes for 85 questions is not enough

80-85% of this test was network trouble shooting scernio questions. about 2 questions out of every ten were about the stuff i listed and hammered into me from the book.

where can i seriously get materials to be able to answer trouble shooting scenrio questions?

thanks for the help in advance,

do not make my mistake and practicaly memorize most of the book it wont help you


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    Hello. Very sorry to hear about your experience.

    I'm in the camp that thinks that the network+ exam in it's current version is a total mess with questions in there that have no business being in the exam. Theres a lot of threads on this subject on the N+ forum here if your interested.

    My advice to you is the skip N+. Go get a CCNA instead, far more valuable, and given Network+ current retarded difficulty it doesn't make sense to kill yourself trying to get it when a CCNA will look far better on your resume.
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    if your struggling with the scenarios then don't go straight to ccna but go for ccent first.

    What equipment do you manage on the network?
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    well technically you did the wrong thing... You did not really LEARN the material.... you basically remembered it. Learning and remembering material is two different things.
    I would reccomend watching professor messer. He goes over everything you need to know, and buy the slides for 10.00 its helpful. What happened was you decided to memorize the material then failed... because anyone can memorize things.... but retaining them by learning it is different.
    Go back and learn the material... I would not go for the CCENT, or CCNA just to have it on my resume... I would crawl before you walk.... But since you have networking experience you may do well with the CCNA.... it depends on you.

    I would say go for the Net+, then CCENT, or CCNA
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    trouble shooting/ installing clients desktops, cables runs, laptops, printers, and moderate server administration - maintaining the print servers, active directory, firewall policies and rules, maintaining/ creating group polices, creating/ maintaining backups (side note i hate Acronis lol, love VEEM). Outside company who setup our network environment does heavy stuff when it hits the fan. I kind of shadow them when there in so i am learning.

    I can say honestly only a handful of those trouble shooting questions i have come across at my job

    I do not have to mess around with switches a lot once i set them up I rarely ever ever have a problem with them when one craps out every other year we just by new ones. And also i will say i never have to subnet the company network is established and we just dont have those types of issues nor do i go around and set up networks.

    I will flat out say I am am not strong in subnetting I understand the theory, read the chapters practiced from the book and watched professor messer's videos on subnetting and his 7 second subnetting which is what i used for the test and jotted down at the start there was only one CIDR question on test yesterday and that was it.

    this is a small company 20 people in engineering and i can say i have never once needed it but i want to be set it when that day comes. so i am going to become proficient regardless, right know my goal is to finish N+ before the semester starts in to 2-3wks and take the class i found for the Sec+. And am stressed where to look to fill in my gaps quickly

    And i will say the knowledge i gained from the book is gold i wont say its useless at all but i will say i feel i was not tested on it
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    thanks for the honesty.
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    Hi. So sorry your first attempt at N+ didn't go well. Glad you aren't giving up. I agree with ITSpectre, you need to focus on learning and understanding not memorizing. One thing that helped me as I was going through N+ was actually trying to explain key concepts to someone who knew nothing about networking. If you can find a good friend who would listen and ask questions that would force you to know it hands-down. As you're explaining it to them you realize what you don't understand. Then go back and research until you do. Good luck!
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    As someone who recently passed on his third attempt. I would invest some time into the reading materials recommended by the people here within the forums.
    I myself used the uCertify application through my College WGU. The other things I would recommend would be to get the darrel gibson application (flash cards, questions, mock tests per domain and as a whole). Buy the notes from Professor Messor (really helpful moments before the exam for a quick refresh). Watch Professor Messor's videos on youtube. If you have Lynda account watch Mike Meyers (he actually has a helpful memorization regarding Subnetting).
    Just keep combing over the material, there is a lot. Just keep on it and you'll get that 720+ easy.
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    I'm going to reiterate what was said above. I recently passed the network+ on the 2nd try after getting a 653 on the first. This was in addition to 9 years experience as a Network Specialist. While I agree that the test is a bit too hard in it's current format for what it represents, I also agree with Spectre. It isn't a test necessarily based on knowledge as much as it's based on comprehension. You can have 150 acronyms memorized, know all fiber connectors by heart... but if you don't understand how to apply that knowledge it won't help much.

    Other than that, I found that on my second attempt, slowing down on the questions and really understanding what they are asking help quite a bit. I realized that my first time thru I had selected some answers because I assumed I knew where the question was going instead of reading it all the way to the end.

    Finally, as many others will say, save the simulation questions at the beginning for last. Flag them and move straight into the multiple choice. Also if any multiple choice are giving you pause, flag them and come back to them as well.

    Good luck!
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    One more thing I want to add Liquidmetal. I think the second attempt will be much easier for you. When I took the N+ I barely had time to finish because I was so nervous and I had to read the questions over and over. The next test I took (Sec+), I noticed i wasn't nearly as nervous and I had plenty of time to finish. Anyway, I think next time you'll pass!
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    The college was actually offering a course for the Net+ using the CompTIA Pearson certification book for the 006 exam.
    Does you have that book?

    I'll recommend to buy that book in premium edition e-book format:
    CompTIA Network+ N10-006 Cert Guide Premium Edition and Practice Test | Pearson IT Certification
    Premium edition comes with Pearson IT Certification Practice Test software.
    Also buy "CompTIA Network+ N10-006 Hands-on Lab Simulator":
    CompTIA Network+ N10-006 Hands-on Lab Simulator | Pearson IT Certification
    It is linked to book content.
    Use "BUY2" discount code and you will receive them for 64.98$
    They also Includes Coupon that Saves you 10% on your Exam Voucher.

    You also get Unlimited one-month access with your purchase to https://www.safaribooksonline.com/ and there you can access to Kevin Wallace video course:

    I think all above will be enough to success next time :)
    Good luck...
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    Thanks everyone for the replies / tips gave me a boost back to my confidence. I picked up the CompTIA Network+ Certification (N10-006) FastTrack Study Guide from Professor Messer's site it integrates his videos into the lesson along with a lab simulator and a few sites everyone listed that offer free tests/ questions similar to what i saw of the test. I go back September 28th so i'm gonna start studying again tonight after the past few days off. ill update hopefully with good news

    Thanks again
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    yes the class i took last semester used the premium edition for the class i still have access to it through Ucertify-pearson for a few more months. I just picked up from Professor Messer's the CompTIA Network+ Certification (N10-006) FastTrack which comes with a lab.
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    Network+ test is so wordy and although you have tons of experience might fail the test as well therefore, failing is normal like me or others...so, just relax, retake exam, maintain your time, read question 2-3 times make sure you're understood if not skip, go to next question so that your time wont' be waisted the go back to the questions you have doubt and missed. Do not give up, be patient doing it...you will get it one day. Good luck!
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