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Hi guys,

I just would like to ask, if anyone has any experience with website. When you look at their website, they have some very nice courses. I have been working lately on eCPPT, and now I am looking for a nice source of information to broaden my knowledge - Assembly, Powershell, JS... I got for example recommendation for their Assembly language, as they supposed to be really well done.

Has anyone joined there recently? Is it worth of money? Is there actually something really interesting and 'new' than what I find in every video on Youtube about Pentesting? Probably as everyone here I am going go for OSCP soon, but I am also keen to follow some extra content not related only network/infrastructure (oscp) pentesting.



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    Interested to see the answers here, as I haven't used this before

    How did you find the eCPPT? Did you find that you need extra resources?

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