ISSEP 2nd Edition by Wiley?

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    I think that's the one from 2005. Having said that, I think it's still a valid study material for the ISSEP, although you can rent it on Amazon for much cheaper.
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    I reached out to ISC2 through their info@isc2.org email and this was their reply:

    "I’ve heard that the newest CISSP-ISSEP guide was coming out soon since 2014 so I don’t like to say when it will be available until it actually shows up on our website. Having said that, the attached exam outline is the updated one (March 201icon_cool.gif and page 9 has a link for supplemental references which are the best until we have the new guide later this year."

    I will try to keep this forum updated whenever I get a different respsone. Hang in there.
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