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I believe Boson is wrong in this question. The highlighted answer supposedly is correct, but I believe that an inside host could never know the outside local address of a remote host (outside host) because it would be a private ip address. Any opinions? Please view the attachment. I believe the correct answer is C. Does anyone have any experience with Boson making a mistake?

Thanks for all the help.

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    Outside local address—The IP address of an outside host as it appears to the inside network. Not necessarily a legitimate address, it is allocated from an address space routable on the inside.

    You are right they would never know the private ip address of a remote host... A is correct
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    Thanks for answering and sorry to bother. ok, it appears as an outside local to the inside host. That makes sense, so then the public ip address of the outside router's interface would have to be an outside global? Isn't that a paradox?

    Thanks for your help
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