What are you using for chat

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Hello all,

Currently at my current company we're using Skype for internal chat/collaboration, however, we're looking for an alternative to this. Main reasons is because it's not centrally managed and each new hire would have to make their own account.

My last company we were an o365 shop so Skype for business was included which was nice, however, my new gig we are using gsuite. I am looking for an application that would hopefully integrate with this, is google hangouts an good option?

Just curious to see what everyone else is using.

Thank you!


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    I worked at a company where I administered Google for Business.

    We obviously still used Office for the usual, but for gmail, hangouts, and drive, it was really worth it.
    Hangouts is pretty neat to be honest. you can also chat from within your inbox. I loved the conference videos too.

    Right now im in an O365/SkypeForBusiness environment
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    Hangouts works just fine. Its chat.
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    In the process of rolling out Skype for Business, but we're still dependent on an Openfire jabber server for out chat functions.
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    Using Skype for both work and school
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