Server 2008 R2: RRAS Routing Three Subnets in Hyper-V

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Hey all,

I'm messing about with configuring multiple sites and subnets to try and replicate a working environment in Hyper-V. I now have a powerful enough server (Dell PowerEdge R410) to run multiple machines and I'm experimenting properly with AD Sites.

I've managed to confuse myself (not hard) and I'm unsure as to how I can route 3 subnets using RRAS. I'm only using 2008 R2 as a router due to the low RAM requirements, all other machines are running Server 2016.

I have three AD Sites with 3 Subnets. All Sites have their own Private Hyper-V Switch network.

Site1 -
Site2 -
Site3 -

I have managed to connect Site1 and Site2 together using 1 RRAS Server - Secure connection over two private networks by adding two network adaptors to the router, one connects to Site1 Switch and the other to Site2 switch.

But, I want to add a third site to this and I'm not sure what the best way is to do this.

Site1 and Site2 are going to be the main production sites, whereas Site3 is going to be used as a file share for Quorum and 'off-site' backups.

I've found this post about LAN Routing, Maybe that could be a way to go? -

Any help would be appreciated icon_thumright.gif
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