Studying for CISSP - Need Clarification

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Hello all,

I just started studying up for the CISSP and am having trouble understanding something. Hoping someone can explain:

Regarding confidentiality, there are concepts, conditions and aspects which fall under confidentiality. My question is about "concealment" and "secrecy". These two concepts (to me) appear to be the same. Can someone explain how they are different?



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    jercxjercx Member Posts: 36 ■■■□□□□□□□
    here's my take on "concealment" vs "secrecy":

    concealment is 'hiding in plain sight', think of 'camoflage', eg. steganography. hiding information under the guise of something else.

    secrecy, however, is protecting something with a lock and key, eg. encryption. without the key, the information is not going to be accessible.
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