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Hello All,

I have a quick question. I have self studied for all my certs A+,NET+,SEC+,CCNA R&S, CCNA Security, and CCNA Cyber Ops, but I really want to transition into the the Security side of things because my background is mainly Networking and systems. Umm, I have my own lab built at home that consist of ASA 5505X, 2 3750, 2811 ROUTER, and a Raspberry pi. From my studies I have learned alot but I really want to now get a hardcore Pentesting certification like a GPEN or any cert that would make me more marketable.

My questions is what certs can I self study for or do I have to take courses? The courses are highly expensive and I don't have 5k to spend on a course and being though I am currently doing networking my company won't pay for it.

I am just asking for advice to how I should proceed. BTW I been working in the IT field for going on 5 years and I just started my Bachelors for cyber security this fall.

Thanks for the advice


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    Don't have the money for SANS, want to self-study and want to do a pentesting course that people respect, check, check and check.
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    Try the SANS work study:

    If SANS is really out of the question then OSCP should be your goal. You could even start with self-study for C|EH.
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    The CEH is $950 now and an extra $100 for the privilege of sitting the exam without using their training materials and you'll barely learn anything if you want to be an actual pentester. No one should self pay that with such better options out there.
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    Don't forget that the CEH has an experience requirement. I don't think that's the case for the others you have listed.
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    Your certs and experience are more than enough to get a job in security. If your having a hard time getting a job I would look at your resume (or your interviewing skills if you're getting interviews but not offers)

    Not having a Bachelor's degree could be holding you back as well. But if you're not going in to pen-testing I wouldn't get a pen-testing cert though. CEH would be an easy option as you could probably knock that out in a months time if your looking to boost your resume a little I guess.
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    Well, I am continuously being reached out for Network and System engineering position Which is fine but I want to transition into the security side. My resume is fine, and I love interviews specially Technical interviews. I just haven't been reached out pertaining to even a Jr security analyst positions I applied for. It's very frustrating to me.

    Also, how can I get the CEH on my own without going to a course? I keep hearing you have to be sponsored for that certification
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