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I just started a new job doing software support. It was sold to me as a "NOC-lite" postion that would supposedly make me a "backup engineer", but as training progresses, it is looking more and more like a call center.

I'm also taking CS courses at a local school in the hopes of not having to do call centers again.

Trouble is between the two I'm drowning. I know there are some really good options once I get the degree, but I also need the money. However, something will have to give.

My question is whether it would be better to drop the classes or the job. I have a backup plan for the job, but not a great one.


  • ElGato127ElGato127 Member Posts: 130 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I guess my real question is whether a CS degree opens enough doors to be worth more than a particular job.

    It's also possible I'm so overwhelmed with the new job I just can't think clearly.
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    Any chance of dropping a class for a bit? Most jobs start off busier than they are six-months in as you're learning the ropes.

    Even CCIEs have a call-center. Those environments can be great for learning new stuff. You just have to know that's something you want to learn.
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    I dropped the classes last term, and the call center at the time dropped me shortly after. Not really eager to put the degree off yet again. I really need to get out of call centers somehow, someway.

    Not sure what you mean when you say CCIEs work the call center. They sound a little overqualified for that.
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    A good related question might be how to know if I've taken on too much. What danger signs would there be if I have?
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    when it interferes with your job and sleep.
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    Job first
    School second....

    You need a job to have money to survive... an employer can pay for you to go to school
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    Find a balance if you can, even if you only take 1 class. Don't completely drop school, because a lot of the time many people have a hard time going back.
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    That's my concern exactly, that this will just keep me trapped in call centers, physically restrained to a phone.
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    ElGato127 wrote: »
    Not sure what you mean when you say CCIEs work the call center. They sound a little overqualified for that.

    I think he means they have tickets that they must respond to. So long as your not a first line call center person that gets call after call all day long, working in a call center environment isn't necessarily a bad thing. When you get higher up in the support levels, calls tend to come in a lot less frequently, giving you more time to work on other projects. I would at least give the job a chance, if you find it's non-stop call after call environment, maybe it's not something for you. It's truly a Network Operations center position, calls should come in a lot less frequently, at the most 1 or 2 an hour, giving you time to work on other projects.
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