Passed the 200-125 today!

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I was NERVOUS!!! lol. Got a 829 (810 passing). I studied since March with some home lab equipment, Todd Lammle book, Boson practice test and the test through MeasureUP. Most of the questions were pretty straightforward, the labs were tough but honestly I feel like I was just stressing over them cause I knew what was on the line. If it was Packet Tracer at my house it probably would've taken maybe 2 minutes, but I quadruple checked every command before submitting so I probably blew like 20 minutes on it lol.

I've also seen a lot of questions (and was worried myself) about if the exam labs let you TAB to auto-fill the CLI commands. At least on my 200-125, THEY DO!! It works just like the normal CLI on physical devices/Packet Tracer, so that was a huge help. Anywho, now just have to get out there and get a job with this thing and get some real world experience :D


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    congratulations and welcome to the club
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    hey congrats well done!!

    and goodluck on the job front
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    Congratulations !!!

    When I have passed CCNA: R&S I've got the new job in the same month icon_eek.gif so good luck :)
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    I prefer the 200-125 since it exposes you to new technology and one that is emerging like SDN

    I found the practical question I had easy since it was just ACL

    what practical did you get?
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    Yes Jeremy from cbt also said in his series that cisco allows you to use autocompletion in the exam
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    trac0de wrote: »

    Congratulations !!!

    When I have passed CCNA: R&S I've got the new job in the same month icon_eek.gif so good luck :)

    What kind of position did you get into? I have been a professional tattoo artist for the past 10 years so this is going to be an interesting interview process lol. As long as I can get my foot in the door and be low man on the totem pole thats totally cool with me.
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    congrats on passing. Great accomplishment
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