Changing certification goals

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I've been with my employer for over 11 years now. I've spent most of the time here as a server/virtualization admin, and for the past 2 years, I've been working as a network engineer.

I've been studying for CCNP Security. Not really a huge demand for this in my area, I'm considering putting this on hold, in favor of finally completing the CCDA/CCDP. I'm considering this for a few reasons....

1) I'm hoping the design exams will help on my way to eventually becoming a lead engineer/architect.
2) I don't have any of the products that the ccnp-sec certification covers in production and I'm strictly a Palo Alto shop
3) This might free up some time to learn some SDN technologies (probably NSX for now)

I still think the CCNP Sec is a great certification and I'll continue to learn the technologies, just won't sit the exams.

I've also been watching some webinars on AWS/Azure (mainly Palo Alto webinars), and starting to wonder if there is benefit for me to pick up these cloud skills. Possibly go for the AWS CSA and maybe the AWS network specialist certification?

I've always had an interest in cloud (not so much development) so I feel I should explore it, but I also don't want to abandon networking altogether.

So in summary, I'm thinking go for AWS CSA, then CCDA/CCDP, or vice versa.

As always, any thoughts or opinions are appreciated


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    Amazon is coming for many people's jobs; so learning about AWS is probably a smart thing to do.

    But honestly, who cares.
    Learn about what YOU want to do.

    You say you've been at the job for 11 years; are you ready to go?
    Hit the ceiling & looking to leave?

    Sounds like you started in "servers" but switched to Networking.
    are you still interested in Networking?

    for what its worth; i agree with your thoughts on design.
    and if you find it interesting... why not learn more about the material!
    i hope to start the ccda next summer. (from what i hear; it covers alot of different technologies)

    Im also impressed by paloalto; looking to do/find some pcnse learning in january (got any tips? :)

    If i already had my ccnp.... i'd go Design & AWS & Python (automaton is the future).
    I have Zero interest in cisco's Security ;]
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    Thanks for the reply. You are correct, I started in servers, mostly doing ms exchange and virtualization (server/VDI), then switched to networking. I've definitely hit the ceiling where I am, so a change seems to be needed. I still have an interest in networking/network security but also still have interests in the systems side of things.

    My initial thought process for wanting to learn AWS is to see how networking/security ties in. Who knows, I might get hooked on it and go all in. I don't see myself doing DevOps though.

    For Palo Alto, I used a course by RouteHub, which I found to be great. The one thing I don't like about Palo Alto is they don't offer a free trial of their virtual VM. I was lucky enough to get a lab license through my company. There is a course on Udemy that is free right now. I believe this one includes a link to download the palo VM. You won't be able to use all features without licensing though.

    Oddly enough, I had a phone interview with Palo Alto a month or so back that went really well. They didn't proceed though because they needed someone with AWS experience
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