SSCP PASSED! Study materials, my experience, and some advice

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I recently passed the SSCP exam and have been officially certified by ISC2. I can confirm that it did take a few weeks for the results, my endorsement, and application to be reviewed. However, I was happy once I received that final confirmation from ISC2 that I was certified.

I used the materials below coupled with my work experience to study for the exam.

McGraw Hill SSCP All-in-One Exam Guide, Second Edition
Sybex SSCP Official Study Guide
Skillsoft SSCP videos and practice test
Official ISC2 study apps for iOS

The last 24 hours before the exam, I slept in and was well rested for the exam. It was later in the afternoon, so that gave me time to wake up and just chill out. I did only activities that were relaxing and wouldn't tax my brain.

Those last 24 hours are all about getting the brain/mindset into a zen-like state. I don't try cramming in material in that last 24 - 36 hours. My reasoning is that if you don't know the material that close to the exam day, you aren't ready. Anything at that point will simply overwork the brain and can cause fatigue during the exam.

Treat your brain like a muscle. Athletes don't hit the weights and do exercises to tire out before they play a game. Instead, they simply stretch, relax, get in their game mindset, as well as being well nourished and hydrated. Athletes spend weeks ahead of time to practice and build themselves up to compete - not the last day or two before the game. Likewise, you should do the same. If you aren't ready in that final week, reschedule and give yourself the time to train up.

Of course it isn't a one-size fits all approach but I encourage anyone getting ready for an exam to approach it like a tournament/game day.

Also, it's okay whether you pass or don't pass the test, It's just a test and nothing more. If you don't pass (I've been there), it is okay. You will learn from the experience and be more ready to pass the exam later.
Remember it isn't whether or not you will pass, it's really about when you will pass.

Always keep learning and believe in yourself.

Best wishes to you all!
"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." - Socrates


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