STP vs RSTP in the real world

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After studying up and labbing on the STP topic i am just left wondering which protocol people are using in the real world since it is not such a dyer need for one or the other in most cases. My work network just sticks to plain old 802.1d, but i assume they could go either way and nobody would notice a difference aside from convergence time. What do you guys prefer and see out in industry?


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    RSTP. Convergence time, especially in the data center is important. I have also seen once in the past where clients did not obtain a DHCP address because DHCP timed out waiting for the port to go forwarding.

    If the switches support it, I see no reason not to go RSTP. If you decide to switch it, make sure portfast is enabled on all access ports
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    Yea, my home lab wouldn't lease DHCP on STP to my Xbox until I enabled portfast.
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