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I just started going through ACloudGUru's course on CSA. So far so good, but I may look to supplement with PluralSight or Linux Academy

I'm going to sign up for a Free Tier account but was curious for those who have passed the exam, how much did you wind up spending by labbing? I'd like to lab heavy to maximize my learning experience.


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    Very small amount for me

    Just remember to turn off your instances when not in use.

    Here is an example of my bill from last month.

    Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud running Linux/UNIX
    $0.00 per Linux t2.micro instance-hour (or partial hour) under monthly free tier
    19 Hrs

    Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud running Windows
    $0.00 per Windows t2.micro instance-hour (or partial hour) under monthly free tier
    1 Hrs

    $0.00 per GB-month of General Purpose (SSD) provisioned storage under monthly free tier
    2.427 GB-Mo

    Elastic Load Balancing - Classic
    $0.00 per LoadBalancer-hour (or partial hour) under monthly free tier
    5 Hrs

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    thanks for the reply. Appreciate it
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    I'm pretty sure that I paid, in total, under $20 to spin some of the lab items up from the CSA official study guide, but most everything was in the free tier.
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    I've only done limited stuff but a couple of EC2 instances for a few days in two different regions and several CloudFront distribution configurations cost only about ~$2.30 USD over 3 weeks.
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    Regardless, it is really cheap for the resources used to gain the hands-on needed for the cert. The expected bump in pay and/or new job title is totally worth it, considering the exam is only $150 and you can take it up to 9 times now with 14 days in-between retakes. It used to be 3 times then you had to wait a full year for the 4th try up until recently.
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    Do you work for a cloud company.
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