220-901 & 220-902 exam tips

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Hi all
I recently started a job as in IT receptionist and have shown keen interest in the area by boss has suggested and is encouraging me to take the Comptia A+ exam as in march i could become an IT Tech for the company, i have basic knowledge when i got the job of computers but i am worried and feel like i get lost sometimes with the amount i need to learn and remember.
I learn pretty quick as i have now put my first system unit together and installed windows etc, but sometimes i feel like i am over my head. i have got the books exam cram and the mike Meyers book but still sometimes feel overwhelmed by it all.
I also have given myself goals on when to take each exam im hoping to do the 220-901 by January/February time and the 220-902 a little after that.
Any advice and help would be really helpful thanks


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    That's plenty of time to study and learn the material.

    Start off watching Prof. Messer on youtube and read a book afterwards.
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    I'm just going to add:

    1) Download the exam objectives for the A+ here:

    2) Get a video series professor messor (Professor Messer IT Certification Training Courses) or try http://join.itpro.tv/

    As you go through Mike's book take notes. Go through the videos, and try to simulate or lab as much as you can. Review the objectives and anything you don't understand highlight those objectives. Alternatively, you could place these objectives in Excel.

    This should at least get you started.

    Once you get through Mike's book and the videe training, Use the exam cram sheet to strengthen your weak areas.

    Time to practice for the Certification:

    Now it's time to practice for the real test. Go to measure up and get a practice exam. Shoot for 90% pass rate on the questions. 90% should be in certificartion mode. One you get to that point, then shoot for 90% pass rate on all questions. Any questions that you're missing shuld turn into a note card. Also, I suggest making note cards from the tear out card from Exam Cram book.

    You can make note cards by hand or you can use Quizlet, it's a free digital note card website /app.

    Your boss and myselff know you can pass the A+

    Good Luck!!
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