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To make a long story short -

I'm currently certified in VCP5 and VCP6. My certification is set to expire this month...I took the VCP6 exam last month thinking it would renew my cert. It did not. Anyhow I spoke with a VMware rep over the phone who stated that if I took the VCP6(Delta) it would renew both of my certifications.

Another rep told me through email that taking the delta exam would NOT renew either of the certifications. I would need to take the VCP6.5 exam either normal or delta. I haven't worked with 6.5 yet.

According to VMware's policy, I'd need to either go VCAP6 or try my hand at VCP6.5.

  1. Advance to the next level by earning a VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) certification. For example, if you are a VCP6-DCV you could earn VCAP6-DCV Deploy certification.
  2. Pass the current exam for your existing VCP certification solution track. For example, if you are a VCP5-DCV, you could take the current (VCP6-DCV) exam.
  3. Earn a new VCP certification in a different solution track. For example, if you are a VCP-Cloud, you could recertify by earning VCP6-DTM certification.

Advice is appreciated.


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    Take the delta exam.
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    Assuming you already passed VCP510 or VCP550 to gain your VCP5-DCV, and then 2V0-621D to "upgrade" that to VCP6-DCV - you'll need to gain a net-new certification in order to renew - that would explain why passing 2V0-621 has not renewed you.

    If I've got all that right, you'll need to pass 2V0-622D to gain you VCP6.5-DCV, or gain a different VCP, or gain a VCAP in DCV.
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    In the past, I had been told that the delta exam was enough, but that may have been at a point when a new exam version (like with 6.0 -> 6.5). I think it "should" be enough (Actually, I feel that any available VCP regardless of version should be sufficient to extend the timeline, but I don't make the rules).

    I would ask to escalate to this rep's manager, personally. You passed a current exam, I think you have a good argument.
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    Email [email protected] for an official answer, follow that guidance and then hold them to it.
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