Passed CISM and for those who failed first time around...

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I took my CISM back in June and failed (got 422, oh so close!icon_redface.gif). So I came here looking for an edge. Took your advice got the Q and A book, study and passed it this past weekend!icon_cheers.gif

Although retaking is not cheap, icon_sad.gif, I've got to say to those who didn't pass first time, don't worry about it, work harder and try again. You can DO IT!

Thanks all for the inspiration,

Robert M.


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    What did you find in the QAE database that was missing from your studies before?
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    E Double U wrote: »

    What did you find in the QAE database that was missing from your studies before?
    Well, prior to taking I did some security and compliance work for a large organization so I was familiar in governance and program dev/mgmt. After my first test results, it showed that I was lacking in incident response and risk management so based on that got the QAE and really focus on those areas but what really helped me was some trends that I saw on QAE that helped me on test questions. For example:

    a) Questions that ask what action should you take, most of the times it was to do a review before doing anything else.
    b) When answering a question, make sure to review all answers before selecting one cause sometimes there is an answer that is inclusive of other 3.
    c) Risk management questions generally relate to value of controls in meeting business objectives.
    d) Incident response plans questions generally relate to mitigating downtime and get business back up quickly.

    I guess what I am saying is that I didn't have much experience in those particular area so reviewing the QAE helped me think through the question to provide an answer. I hope that made sense and if it did, well help somebody.
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