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Took my Network+ exam today. I got 659/720 needed. Given I'm taking this exam and Server+ to get promoted up into a network position, and don't have a lot of actual networking experience, I did pretty darn good. Give it a month of hard studying on the areas i failed in, and I will be more than good to get that Network+ Certification.

I am using Professor Messer videos, cybrary.it Network+ course, Mike Meyer's Certification Passport, and then some practice exams on Udemy for study materials. A lot of sources... Anything else (preferrably free) that you would recommend on top of this to help out??

Currently working on: WGU BS - IT; CIW Advanced HTML5/CSS3 Specialist.
CompTIA Network+ (April 2019); CompTIA Server+ (August 2019); LPI Linux Essentials (September 2019)
AAS - IT (14 June 2014);
In the Future: CompTIA Security+; CompTIA Cloud+; CompTIA Project+; CEH.


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