What cert to go for?

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I've been working in a infosec role for the past few years at a large corporation, I have a few Cisco certs under my belt including some which are security related. I am currently in a role where I am in charge of a small team of individuals who maintain the day to day operations related to one of our security offerings. I am not sure where to go from here, I am considering going for the CISSP thinking that it may help me move up or make myself more marketable. I'm not sure if I should start off with Security+ or some other cert. Any recommendations?


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    If you're already in the field and managing some people CISSP would be a great one.
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    Review Security+ coverage. If you're already familiar with it and don't expect a challenge, skip it. If you skip it, I'd hit up the CISSP as it's the next level up, you might have the experience to meet the reqts, and it helps with the resume.
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    Thanks, I think CISSP is what ai ultimately want to achieve. I attended a Sec+ bootcamp a few years back and I was already familiar with most of the topics that we covered. Are certs like CEH worth persuing before the CISSP in your opinion?
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    HughMungus wrote: »
    Are certs like CEH worth persuing before the CISSP in your opinion?

    In your situation I would say no. If you're managing a team and not getting your hands dirty then CISSP makes more sense. CISSP is also more marketable from what I can see.
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