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What is probably the best audio review of domains for CISSP for those of with long work commutes that can make the most of that time? How do I get my hands on the Cybrary CISSP Audio by Kelly? I am sure she would be a top 5 recommendation for learning on the road. I have no problem paying for a good resource.



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    Go to the cybrary page for the CISSP training then click on 'course material'. The MP3's are in there. That's the only one I am familiar with.
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    I'm trying to make the most of my commute so like you have been doing research on audio materials. Beyond Cybrary (which I will use) I have also heard of "Simple CISSP by Phil Martin (Audible)" which I plan on using.
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    Udemy has multiple CISSP courses:

    They're video-based, but would probably be decent for audio only. I haven't taken any of the courses, so I can't vouch for their quality, but for $10/course (as of this writing), they might be worth a look.

    Best of luck with your studies!
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    Absolutely recommend the MP3s from the Cybrary course. It was all I listened to while driving for a few weeks before my test. I know I answered specific questions differently because of things I remembered her saying while I was taking the exam.
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    Get a free seven day trial at and check out the videos by Sari Greene and also the ones by David Miller.
    Worth paying the one month subscription in my view
  • jelevatedjelevated Member Posts: 139
    If money is no object, you can do the SANS onDemand for the GISP.
  • ice9ice9 Member Posts: 28 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Thanks a bunch for all the suggestions. My employer might have a subscription to Safari Books Online, will have to check into that. I have already downloaded Kelly's Cybrary MP3s and will burn those to CD tonight. I have a few utilities to already pull the audio out of any good lecture video series. Thanks again!
  • jimjjimjjimjjimj Member Posts: 17 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I have nearly finished Phil Martin's very new audio book Simple CISSP. It's 16 hours and is the audio version of his book. It's very, very good. He has an easy to follow style and teaches well.

    If you don't have an audible account, you can get one free audiobook when you sign up (just remember to cancel if you don't want ongoing membership).
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