Passed SSCP on Friday

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Overall I didn't find the exam to be tough, but I also have a significant amount of network / datacenter /security experience, so I'm sure that helped. That said, the format of the exam was challenging, in that they very much take a "choose the best answer" approach where there is often more than one answer which is correct. It really forces you to go through scenarios and answer WHY the other answers are incorrect.

This was one of my favorite exams in recent memory to take and study for, also. I felt like I learned a reasonable amount, despite being involved in security currently and having taken Security+ and CCNA:Security in the past.

I primarily used the All In One guide and supplemented with the official guide (I read about half of it and then read sections I felt weak on). Answered all the questions in both of those guides. I used the Transcender practice exam / flash cards, which draw heavily from the official guide. In my opinion, that practice exam goes a long way to prep you for the mindset you need to pass the actual exam.

Have to go through the endorsement process now, which shouldn't be a problem.

I think I'll tackle CISSP next.


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