Routing - How much is needed to route a package

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Off INE IT video"Implementing Static Default Routes" the guy says word for word

"When a packet comes in the routing device takes a look at the 32 bits destination address, (if we are talking about IPv4) of that packet And it takes a it goes into its routing table " 'OK, do I have any entries in here, that in any way match that address even if I have an entry where I only the first two or three match that address' that's better than nothing I'll use that.

My question is I that I seen question where the whole network portion of the IP address had to match and you had to find the right subnet range. And if not the package was dropped.

Help me find the right answer does a router to match some or all of the IP address to find a route for the frame.


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    The router is going to look for the longest match. It could match or for example. It might not match anything and be dropped.
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