CSA+ Studying Phase [sharing my study resources]

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The resources I purchased (in order).

1)CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CSA+) Cert Guide; Paperback; Author - Troy McMillan (39.99$)

2)CompTIA CSA+ Practice Tests: Exam CS0-001; Paperback; Author - Mike Chapple/David Seidl (32.55$)

CompTIA CSA+ Virtual Lab (79.99$)

A little background:
I have the A+, Network+, Sec+, but have no hands on experience with CSA+ related material. The Troy McMillan book was very generic and broad, and even though I read it all, I didn't feel at all prepared for the exam after reading it. The 2nd book I got, the one by Mike Chapple/David Seidl, goes further in more detail and depth on each subject covered in the exam, even sourcing where you could find out more info about a specific topic/tool/standard/ect. That is what I really liked about Mike Chapple/David Seidl's book, as it covered topics more in depth, but again, after finishing the entire book, I still didn't feel confident in taking the exam. It wasn't until I found Cybrary (I found this after someone referenced it on these forums). I must say, an outstanding resource because it provides you the hands on labs that break away from reading and get you out of your comfort zone to actually use some of the tools / concepts you learn about. It's really neat and everything is included, so you won't need virtual box/the ISOs, ect, it's all preconfigured. I'm still studying, but I wanted to share my studying experience with those who may be looking for resources to study as well before taking the CSA+ exam.



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    I've always been curious on the quality of those labs they offer. Let us know how it goes throughout your studying.
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    The second book you listed is the practice exam book, which doesn't look to be released until Feb '18. You likely meant the other book those two authors produced which was on CSA+ studies. I'm glad you liked it, because mine arrived last week and I haven't really gone through it yet. What are your sources for practice exams that you've found?
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    ITSec14 wrote: »
    I've always been curious on the quality of those labs they offer. Let us know how it goes throughout your studying.

    Correct, I meant the "CompTIA CSA+ Study Guide: Exam CS0-001 [Book]". To be honest, the Troy McMillan book came with some Pearson testing material, but it's all so generic. I think getting your "hands dirty" with the labs (by Cybrary) and self-exploration = best method for testing. I also watched some CEH videos on CBTnuggets. I'll let you guys know how those videos do pan out none-the-less, I plan on taking the exam by months end.
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