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Hi everyone,

been contemplating taking an eLearnSecurity course for a while now.

My main concern is with the exam format as I'm a full-time employee. While I know I can study and lab in the evenings without a problem (finished OSCP & OSCE that way), I read that most of eLearnSecurity's exams have a duration of a week (though less intensive than the OffSec ones).

Can anybody tell me if these exams require major attention and time commitment for the while duration of the exam? In other words, can they be done while being a full-time employee? Or would I need to take a whole week off?

Been thinking about WAPTx/eWPTx and PND specifically.



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    It depends on your skill level, really. With an OSCP and OSCE, I doubt you'll have any issues. A little bit of time in the evenings after work, and a standard two days off should be plenty with your existing skillset. You could also try to schedule the exam over a three day weekend too, if you really wanted the extra time just to be sure.
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    (I work for eLS) - The exam gives you 7 days lab access to do the hands-on tasks, plus 7 days to submit the report. It differs slightly depending on what course/ exam you are taking. The details of that are in the exam description on our site. Most of our students attempt the exams "aside" from a job, so no problems with that at all. The 7 days period is designed to make it easy for you "especially" if you are on a job. There is also a chance for a retake in case things go wrong the first time. If you focus on the exam full-time you can probably be done in less than a day or 2 max ;)
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