eLearnSecurity eJPT review

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As a relative noob and self-teacher, I was looking at an ocean of options for an entry into penetration testing. Luckily I stumbled on eLearnSecurity and was able to get a taste of the training for free before committing, which I ultimately did. Just from everything I read I had the sense that OSCP was a little out of my range as a student but still wanted some structured baseline training.

The course was great, with labs that require you to do a little bit of work to get them going in your OS, which is a good thing. The labs also don't necessarily 'hold your hand' all the way through as with some coding platforms, there are some points where a student will likely have to refer to the forums for guidance to get through one or two.

The training is robust, and does a good job of a thorough introduction to SQLi, Cookie Exploitation, Packet Sniffing/Network analysis, and other basics of PT. I particularly liked the Burpsuite training, which comes into play strongly later when certifying.

Of course, just like OSCP, all who are in the forums and who certify are sworn to secrecy, and attempts to get too much help on the forums will get less than you may want, but in my experience just enough for you to figure it out.

I feel the training was a little stronger than I anticipated, and this may be the drawback to eLearnSecurity. They aren't marketed well in the US (though people in Europe I've trained with online for other certs are more aware of it), so expectations may be lower for a student than for OSCP, which is considered the Holy Grail of PT (at least in the US). Hopefully more posts such as this will bring more attention to this platform and their certs, as I certainly found value in them. They often have webinars and contests that allow one to get discounted training as well, just get on their mailing list.

I'd love to hear more from anybody who's done both eCPPT (which I'm enrolled in now) and OSCP just for comparison's sake.

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