What I learned today: how to remember ABCD class fires

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What I learned today: how to remember ABCD class fires

Got this from David Miller (CISSP videos on SafariBooksOnline, well worth the subcription BTW.)

Class A fires are common combustibles
Class B fires are flammable liquids
Class C fires are eletrical
Class D fires are flammable metals

So he says in the video to remember:

A - ash
B - boil
C - current
D - dent


Ash - paper and wood burn to ash
Boil - liquids boil
Current - electrical current
Dent - well, you can dent metal if you hit it hard enough.


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    You forgot K, kitchen. You use a liquid, commonly with potassium to put out those kinds of fires.
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    Good job!!!!!
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    I have seen something similar in a youtube skillset.com video
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