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I want to take SEC+, CEH and OSCP but I need help about the sequence. Would be the sequence:
1) SEC+
2) CEH

I work with penetration testing but I need these certs.



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    You cannot do this really in another sequence.
    If you pass OSCP first, you may skip other certs
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    I notice that employers will ask for CEH but want someone with OCSP skills. OCSP is great but if you can get both even better.

    Skip security+.
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    CEH (kind of like Security+ with a pentesting focus) (not very valuable to infosec pros "in the know")
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    eugui wrote: »
    I work with penetration testing but I need these certs.

    Knowing why you believe you "need" a specific cert would help people give the right advice.
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    i think depends on the job itself, if management level better like CISSP, CRISC
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    eugui wrote: »
    I work with penetration testing but I need these certs.

    Do you plan to continue pentesting? If so then just go for OSCP. Someone that is already doing pentesting taking Security+ and C|EH seems like taking steps backwards, but should be very easy.
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    eugui wrote: »
    @EANx to get a new job

    You need to get used to providing details, understanding your needs helps with the advice. Sec+ and CEH provide little for a pen tester so what kind of role are you looking for?
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