Master list of competency based BS and MS degrees

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We have new threads often enough asking about WGU-like programs or alternatives. Only listing regionally accredited schools as there is no point otherwise. I figured I’d put together a list of what I’ve found so far as I’m looking into grad school and I do like the competency model but wanted to see what else is out there. I’m sure I missed some so please reply with anything else and I’ll add it to the list. I’m only familiar with books and exam costs being included with WGU, not sure on the others. The list is in no particular order.

Bachelor’s degrees:

1. Western Governors University – WGU is the grandfather in this space. A ton of people here, myself included have gotten their BS from WGU. Cost is $3000 / 6 month unlimited term.

2. Hodges University – UPower program - Small private school in FL. It seems to have the same model as WGU minus the certifications. Cost is $3000 / 6 month unlimited term. (

3. University of Wisconsin – Flex program – Added benefit of sounding like a traditional state school if that has extra value for you. Cost is $2250 / 3 month unlimited or $900 / course in a 3 month window.

4. Northern Arizona University – Listed as self- paced, not sure if this also competency based or just hand in your work when you can. Cost is $3000 / 6 month unlimited term. CIT | NAU Extended Campuses

5. Brandman University – My Path program – Their IT program seems to include a few CompTIA and MTA certs. Looks like digital textbooks are included. Cost is $5400 / year.

6. Capella University – FlexPath option – These are listed as self-paced, not sure if competency is accurate. They seem to have a bunch of different specializations for their BS in IT program. Note: Capella is a for-profit school, I wouldn’t typically include a for-profit but it’s regionally accredited. Cost for the FlexPath option is $2300 / quarter.

7. Rasmussen College – Flex Choice program – I don’t know a lot about this school. I do know it’s for-profit, but regionally accredited. Their pricing is a little hard to get a handle on. Flex Choice

Masters Degrees:

1. WGU – Same price as above. Offers MS programs in Security, Data Analytics and IT management.

2. Hodges University - $3500 / 6 month term. Offers MS in Information Systems with concentrations in Managing Info Systems and Cybersecurity.

3. Capella University – They offer 2 MS programs under the IT realm, both seem management focused. Cost is $2500 / quarter.
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